Outdoor education & recreation.

ALI is committed to using the amazing resources of the Snowy Mountains to design outdoor education/recreation programs that specifically fit the required learning objectives, outcomes and needs of our client schools. ALI is able to offer a wide range of adventure and educational activities.

These activities are tailored to take students out of their comfort zone and challenge them physically and emotionally in a positive learning environment. All activities are conducted within strict safety guidelines as set by industry and government.

ALI believes that with so many pressures and influences on young people today the outdoors can play a pivotal part in giving them an opportunity to grow personally, emotionally and physically. With childhood obesity at alarming levels nationally and computers, ipods and the internet dominating the way young people spend their spare time, so many young people are missing out on the benefits that the great outdoors has to offer. The outdoors through any number of different activities offers students the opportunity to develop a variety of skills, as basic as riding a mountain bike through to developing their personal skills such as common sense, communication, ability to work with others (teamwork), leadership skills and the responsibility that comes with it. Outdoor Education is vital in teaching students that every action has a consequence.

Outdoor Education also gives students the opportunity to leave their comfort zone and participate in a range of activities. These activities are designed to help build their self confidence and question their source of security.

ALI has at its doorstep the following outdoor activities which can be used in any combination within one of our programs to suit the schools requirements: canoeing (flat-water and white water up to grade 2), hiking, abseiling and rock-climbing, team building and initiative games, orienteering, downhill skiing and snowboarding, cross country skiing, snowshoeing and snow survival skills. ALI can also work with your Duke of Edinburgh programs to assist your students to utilise the wonderful outdoor playground of the Snowy Mountains.


The need for outdoor education

The problem is scary, the statistics tell the story. The World Health Organisation (WHO) project that by 2015 approximately 2.3 billion adults will be overweight and more than 700 million will be obese. This is what faces the students of now in 6 years time when they become adults. In 2005 at least 20 million children under the age of 5 were overweight globally.

ALI has seen these worrying statistics and believes the need for change starts when we see students on our camps. Encouraging students to swim, canoe, hike, mountain bike etc on our program can rejuvenate their interest in the great outdoors or at least help them to blow the dust of their bike when they return home. ALI runs fun, safe and professional outdoor programs that will hopefully be a stepping stone to reducing these alarming statistics.