Frequently asked questions

Coming on an outdoor education trip can be exciting for some and daunting for others. Many people have questions about camp especially if they have not come before. We have tried to give you answers to your questions that previous ALI participants have had.

Do I have to bring a sleeping bag and towel?
Yes you need to bring a sleeping bag rated to 0 degrees and a small towel.

Can ALI/Bungarra Cater for specific dietary requirements?
As long as we are given sufficient notice we can cater for any dietary requirements. We are a nut free organisation!

I don’t have a good pair of hiking boots/rain jacket/sleeping bag etc. Should I go out and spend a lot of money on brand new gear?
We do not think it is necessary for students and parents to go out and spend a lot of money on brand new equipment for a camp. If you don’t have good hiking shoes, then wear the most comfortable and supportive shoes you own – these could be your runners or your leather school shoes! If you do feel you want/need to invest in some outdoor clothing, we find the items that are the best value for money are:

  • good quality wool blend socks (rather than cotton/little ankle socks)
  • a pair of polypropylene thermals
  • one or two wool jumpers – visit St Vinnies or your local op shop to get rather than buying a new fleece/wool jacket

Do I really need to bring 3 pairs of shoes to camp?
If you are doing a standard summer camp program then the answer is YES! You will need one pair for your day hike. Just in case they get wet, bring another pair for bike riding and other activities. You will need a third pair of shoes to wear in the water if you are doing any activities like canoeing or raft building. Please do not bring crocs or thongs for your water based activity as the bottom of Lake Jindabyne is a bit muddy and it’s a great place to lose one of your crocs. Old runners or neoprene booties are perfect.

I don’t own a 1L Drink Bottle but I have a smaller Sports drink bottle. Should I just bring that?
Some of the activities we do and the places we go to do mean you are away from a water source for some time, so we want you to have 1L of water with you. You can bring an old 1L cordial, juice or soft drink bottle from home. They work great and we love recycling (remember to put your name on it!!).