Curriculum based programs
and field

The Snowy Mountains region is an area full of amazing resources and case studies to help bring curriculum content to life. Field trips are great because they engage all learning styles.

These programs take the students out of the classroom environment and offer education based on the principles of experiential learning. The curriculum options have been developed with a number of experienced teachers and the education arm of the National Parks and Wildlife service.

The content and learning methodologies are refined for each program to reflect the school’s approach and the context of its curriculum. Group sizes are flexible with as few as 20 individuals and as many as 220 students. Programs have been developed in the following:


(Stages 5 and 6 and primary NSW)

The Snowy Mountains region is ideal for use with the stage 6 syllabus, both preliminary and the HSC Course. Course outcomes that can be studied include:

  • looking at ecosystems at risk & reasons for their protection (case studies)
  • environmental management strategies in terms of ecological sustainability
  • applying maps, graphs and statistics, photos and fieldwork in geographical contexts
  • human impacts on the functioning of the biophysical environment (4 spheres)
  • looking at case studies and data gathering for students SGP.

Case studies in the local area include:

  • Thredbo and Perisher ski resorts
  • Snowy Mountains Authority (Hydro Electric Scheme)
    • education centre visits in Cooma
  • sensitive and fragile areas within the Kosciuszko National Park
    • Blue Lake Glacier and other land forms
    • 2002 and 2006 bush fires
    • types of erosion
    • vegetation communities (feldmark)
  • impacts of tourism on Jindabyne and the greater Snowy Mountains

ALI works closely with National Parks and Wildlife Service (NPWS) in the delivery of both its outdoor education and curriculum based programs. The Education Centre at Sawpit Creek can be used as a great starting point for information on most of the topics mentioned above. NPWS guides can be incorporated into your visit as they have a wealth of knowledge of all aspects of the park.

(Stage 6 HSC and preliminary)

Jindabyne and the surrounding snowy mountains are a great place to bring your PD/H/PD class to focus on core strands and options within the curriculum. There are two main reasons for this; Thredbo is home to the Australian Institute of Sport (AIS) which is great resource for looking at:

Sports medicine and improving performance. Numerous Olympians and Triathlon athletes train at the Thredbo AIS.

ALI has consistently and effectively been working with a number of our client schools in helping to design and implement the Outdoor Education and Recreation option within the preliminary course curriculum. Any of the summer or winter program activities can be incorporated into your PD/H/PE program.