Corporate Team Development

The mountains are a great place for team building opportunities.

With conference facilities and a diverse range of team building activities available this is a great way to inspire and invigorate your team. If you are looking to develop and strengthen the bonds of your organisation with a physically and mentally stimulating experience in  a unique setting, contact our office and we can customise a program.

A team that works well together is more productive, more successful and more fun to work with!

Sample of Corporate Team Development Itinerary

Well, the dust has settled and it’s over for another year. You were both an enormous help to me and SAP and I’m absolutely sure, we would not have had such a successful conference without you both and the backup teams at ALI and Horizons.

There are so many staff members we are grateful to but possibly the ones we are indebted to was Paddy & Jason and their merry men for getting us to the summit and back again in one piece! All of the staff from both camps had been so accommodating to not only me (at the desk) but to our 50+ delegates, and I can assure you, it didn’t go unnoticed.

From my point of view, the flow was seamless, smooth flowing, well organised and managed. Again, the staff were well informed of our arrangements and followed through with the impromptu requests and last minute thoughts and changes that occurred.

- Cindy, SAP Australia